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120 days until launch Hello friends, family and other interested people out in the cyber world! I am starting this blog to share my journey of building HEUCY - a new fashion label that aims to make effortless, chic, versatile and sustainable clothing. I want to share this process of building the company and setting up for the launch of the official HEUCY website and webSHOP with like-minded clothes horses out there.  You might be friends & family (who have no choice but to read!) or someone who is curious about how one starts a fashion line.  The good, the bad and the often ugly behind the scenes look at how to get things off the ground. I have been in fashion for 8 years.  I started out by jumping head first into my first label “s u w h a” after relocating to London from the U.S.  After 4 years of great ups (amazing stockists like Henri Bendel and Holt Renfrew, features in Vogue on both sides of the pond, sponsorship by the British Fashion Council) and downs (hello financial crisis of 2008) – I learned lots of lessons about the industry as the little engine that could. Next up – I moved back to the U.S. and worked as creative director for Cynthia Steffe, an established contemporary womenswear label with wide national reach.  Again, I learned so much about the industry and this time as the big engine that can.  But after nearly 2 years, I hit the stop button – I felt the itch to build my own again.  This time, simpler and truer. By building HEUCY I want to take everything I have learned and re-think and re-set the language of my design and create a more honest and transparent process.  SIMPLIFY – but let me tell you, simplifying can actually be very complicated (hence this blog to chronicle the saga). The countdown portion at the top of this page is to make this as stress inducing of a process as possible.   Who doesn't love a deadline? [caption id="attachment_17" align="aligncenter" width="361"]
Debut Collection Mood Board[/caption] [caption id="attachment_18" align="aligncenter" width="375"]
Draft Sketches[/caption]

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