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Spinning (Eco-Textiles) in Los Angeles

58 days until launch Like Soul Cycle, spinning (eco-fibers) locally can help you breathe better. The HEUCY debut collection will be using two ecologically sound natural fibers derived from wood - Tencel and Modal (both certified sustainable by Lenzing) for our base fabrications. Our garments made from these fibers are going to make you look and feel tres chic while also minimizing the fashion industry's impact on the environment. Here's why - Tencel is made with wood pulp from sustainable eucalyptus tree farms. Tencel textiles are created through an award-winning closed-loop process using milestone technology producing a fabric that is 100% biodegradable and certified by the International Forest Stewardship Council. Modal is extracted from beech wood which puts down very deep roots and is thought to be unbeatable when it comes to improving the soil. Beech groves are also completely sustainable sources because the beech tree multiply by "rejuvenation" - requiring no planting or irrigation. Modal is the most luxurious cellulose fiber - soft, smooth, silky and so light that you hardly feel it. I was able to visit our wonderful fabric supplier in Los Angeles this week. Here are pictures of their facilities - they are spinning, knitting, treating, dyeing and finishing the fabric right here in the USA.

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