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HEUCY Gals -- Women Who Inspire Us

Asa Larsson

Asa is the co-founder, with her husband David Giordano, of ATELJÉ 71, an incredibly chic utilitarian Swedish-inspired shoe brand. You’ll notice our model is wearing all of Asa’s shoes! This was not by accident.

HEUCY Hearts Asa: After meeting Asa, we didn’t want to leave her side. She graciously let us ooh and ahh over the latest ATELJÉ 71 collection while we tried not to harbor some major lifestyle envy. Asa’s family (and the view outside of her apartment) is just as lovely as she is. She is a creative force, and we see big things happening for ATELJÉ 71.

Asa’s favorite HEUCY: I mean, just take a look at her in the Alter Ego. Asa wore it right after the shoot, for night out with her cute hubby.

Robin Wilson

Robin is Founder and CEO of Robin Wilson Home, a thoughtful line of eco-friendly bedding and bath products. She is also author of Clean Design: Wellness for Your Lifestyle, in stores now!

HEUCY Hearts Robin: Robin wowed us at our photo shoot not only with her looks (and those arms!) but also with her wisdom. Robin is a former model, successful entrepreneur and a doting mother. She juggles her busy career and her personal life with amazing energy and a wicked sense of humor.

Robin’s favorite HEUCY: The Perfect Ten shows off Robin’s perfect ten figure and allows her to move and shake her way to the next meeting. Of many. Robin’s currently on a book tour for Clean Design and we know there will be HEUCY in her suitcase!

Claudia Wu

Claudia is Co-Editor of Cherry Bombe magazine, an incredibly cool, beautifully designed biannual publication that celebrates women and food.

HEUCY hearts Claudia: She struck out with her Co-Editor Kerry Diamond to create a magazine about “women who do cool sh*t.” Claudia’s also (clearly) very creative and she’s one of the nicest people we’ve met. And we love Claudia’s shoes.

Claudia’s favorite HEUCY: “I’m torn between The Weekender and The Burnout. They’re both perfect for different occasions!”

Amanda Freeman

Amanda is a successful entrepreneur and CEO of SLT NYC, a cult favorite workout. Commonly referred to as “pilates on steroids.”

HEUCY hearts Amanda: Amanda is fearless, smart, funny and candid. And she loves chocolate.

Amanda’s favorite HEUCY: “That's a tie between The Weekender and The Alter Ego...both so cute and comfy.”

Andy McNicol

Andy’s a top Book Agent at William Morris Endeavor.

HEUCY hearts Andy: She’s one of our dearest friends, and one of the most charismatic. Andy goes to bat for her clients, racking up a loyal cadre of writers whose tomes have made the NY Times Best Seller list. She just made Variety Magazine’s list of powerful women in media. Andy’s also just really darn fun.

Andy’s favorite HEUCY: The Date Night. Because those hips definitely do not lie.

Nicola Ruiz

Nicola is a lifestyle writer and stylist for “Downtown” magazine and founder/CEO of men’s styling consultancy, Harrison Style. The men in your life need to know about this!

HEUCY hearts Nicola: Just days before her son was born, Nicola purchased the highest, chic-est Jimmy Choo heels to remind herself that the fun was just beginning. No nights in for this gal!

Nicola’s favorite HEUCY: The Alter Ego and the Perfect Ten. Both perfect for jetting around town in her stylish high heels!

Erika Snyder Hagberg

Erika is a Power Broker at Google.

HEUCY hearts Erika: She’s an incredibly busy mom of three energetic boys, and she has an insanely big job…but Erika always manages to crack a joke and a smile. Her humor and positive attitude is infectious.

Erika’s favorite HEUCY: The Weekender. Because she can wear it during the weekend and during the week!

Kate Snyder (Erika’s Sister…and vice versa!)

Kate is a Google Sales Manager by Day, Blogger By Night.

HEUCY hearts Kate: In addition to her position at Google, Kate moonlights as editor/creator of one of our favorite blogs, Worth checking out for décor tips and design inspiration.

Kate’s favorite HEUCY: The Problem Solver. Kate is always solving problems, at work and at home. And she looks good doing it!



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